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Webinar ‘Misconceptions about the Nature Restoration Law debunked by SERE Legal Working Group’

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Join on 06 June at 18:00-19:30 CEST the SER Europe (SERE) Legal Working Group for a discussion on the European Union (EU) Nature Restoration Law (NRL). In June 2022, the European Commission proposed a Nature Restoration Law, which is currently being discussed in the European Parliament and the EU Council. This important legal proposal is […]Read More
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Final results of the TRAIN#ER Project “Training Needs in Ecological Restoration ER”

TRAIN#ER take-home messages 1- Improved cooperation within European and national networks is most important to broaden and 2 – Strengthen opportunities and outcomes in ER education. 3 – Tailored learning materials on ER topics are necessary to improve ER training in education. 4 – Internet platforms are useful to facilitate access to relevant ER materials […]Read More
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A SER Europe member view on the ground of COP15

Our member Rory Canavan just returned to the UK after the end of COP15 kindly shares with all of us a brief reflection on the event with a restoration insight: On the 19th December 2022, 192 countries in Montreal, agreed to halt and reverse the decline of nature by 2030. The current and ongoing devastating […]Read More
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Achieving the European Green Deal through Landscape Restoration: Policy Recommendations for the European Commission

SER Europe has engaged with Commonland the Landscape Finance Lab, as well as 18 other contributors, in a policy briefing offering guidance to EU institutions and Member States on why and how to leverage holistic landscape restoration to substantially, effectively, and efficiently deliver the European Green Deal (EGD). This is the joint news release on the […]Read More
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European Open Rivers Programme Call for Expressions of Interest – River Restoration, open to 9.12.2022

The European Open Rivers Programme invites Expressions of Interest (EoI) for project submissions for dam removal preparatory and demolition projects under grant categories A1, A2, A3 and B.  The programme also invites Proposals for project submissions that fall under grant categories A4 and C. The applications must be submitted online via the programme’s application portal […]Read More
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#SERE2022 UPDATE: Conference Declaration on the European Comission proposal for a Regulation on Nature Restoration

UPDATE 26.9.22 #SERE2022 Declaration on the European Comission proposal for a Regulation on Nature Restoration The 2022 Declaration is now available with updated supports here.   +300 Experts and +200 Speakers from around the world will meet in Alicante to address the European challenges of ecological restoration  The XIII European Conference on Ecological Restoration #SERE2022 […]Read More
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TRAIN#ER Project is launching the Survey to capture training needs in Ecological Restoration (ER)

Help us improve Training in Ecological Restoration and answer the Survey! The survey is completely anonymous and the profile questions are only proposed to differentiate responses by different groups. Answer the survey here (it will take you approximately 15 minutes): https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3QQRTN5 Thank you for your contribution! The Survey is one of the central activities of […]Read More
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SER Europe designated as member of the EU Biodiversity Platform

In the open selection process held earlier this year SER Europe presented candidature to become member of the EU Biodiversity Platform (EUBP), the new advising body to the Commission on the implementation of EU biodiversity policy, with an updated membership and mandate in line with the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030. SERE is one of […]Read More