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How do you become a member of SER Europe?

SER Europe is the European Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER). To become a member, apply on the SER webpage and select Europe as your chapter membership for free (check out this 2-minute video on becoming a member). After applying, you will be a member of SER Europe.

Individual membership has several options that accommodate any budget, including standard, open doors (free), equity (70% discount), emerging professionals (60% discount for students and young professionals), retiree (40% discount), restorer and lifetime.

Similarly, there are multiple Business and Organizational membership options. If you have any questions regarding these membership types, contact us.

And, as part of the #500EERs membership campaign, there are additional benefits if you sign up between now and September 2022 – have a look!


The benefits of SER Europe membership

As a member of the SER Europe Chapter, you can:

Network with over 400 academics, practitioners and students in ecological restoration from 32 European countries.

Receive newsletters with opportunities and contribute to news, events and practices for the Knowledge Base.
Discounts on European conferences and World conferences.

Involve SER Europe in your own projects and initiatives as a recognition towards your stakeholders and sponsors.

Engage in SER Europe projects, initiatives, and work groups, in connection to the SER Europe Strategy 2021-2027. Use the SER Europe logo on your website and obtain credibility for your work as a member of the leading ecological restoration network in Europe.

SER Europe membership comes with SER membership, through which you will receive:

Discounts on SER Career Center.

SER News quarterly newsletter.

RESTORE biweekly e-bulletin.

Promotional opportunities via SER Calendar of Events, Restoration Project Showcase & Restoration Marketplace.

Access to the Restoration Ecology journal.

Access to SER Restoration Resource Centre, a global restoration database.

FAQs on SER Europe membership

  • Is the membership fee expensive?

SER and SER Europe offer a wide range of membership fees which include special fees for students and young professionals, an inclusive equity rate much lower than basic membership and, if you cannot afford the fee yet still want to become a member, you can do so via the Open Door membership, which is free.

  • My English is basic, will I manage to be involved day to day?

English is the common language for SER and SER Europe. Our websites have automatic translation tools to most languages. We can put you in contact with other members from your country, culture or language for you to create community. We can also help you with language when participating at a SER Europe event.

  • I need help with the sign-up process to become a member. Where can I find more information?

Please find below a 2-minute video that explains how to become a member of SER and SER Europe.

New SERE Member guide

Once you have registered as a member of SER / SERE these are some of the opportunities to network and participate that you have:
Welcome to SER Europe November 2022

Contact us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to Stijn den Haan, the membership associate of SER Europe.



Contents: How do you become a member of SER Europe? | The benefits of membership | FAQs on membership | Become a member: 2-minute video guide | New member guide | Contact us