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SER Europe members | 20 May 2022
New members since January 2022

Contents: Why #500EERs?Why become a member? | What does the #500EERs campaign look like? | How can you contribute to the campaign? | The extra benefit of joining now | Contact us


Boosting the restoration momentum

From Mediterranean ecosystems to Nordic rivers, and from eastern peatlands to Atlantic seagrass meadows, the restoration of European ecosystems requires knowledge from a diversity of people and ideas.

To facilitate the exchange of knowledge across Europe and strengthen the ecological restoration momentum for the benefit of biodiversity, climate, and people, SER Europe aims to expand its network to 500 European Ecological Restorers, nicknamed #500EERs.

As a network of academics, practitioners, and students, SER Europe advances the science, policy, and practice of ecological restoration. It is active on EU policy level, participates in EU LIFE projects, and brings together well over 300 experts from 29 European countries.

By learning and working together, we can strengthen ecological restoration across Europe to aid nature and society. That’s why we want to hear your voice, too.


Why become a member?

Take a moment to imagine the exciting new networking and learning opportunities you will have within SER Europe’s network of well over 300 European ecological restoration experts and over 4000 ecological restoration experts across the planet. Imagine being more up-to-date with the latest developments in restoration ecology by attending SER Europe and SER conferences at a reduced rate, having access to the Restoration Ecology journal and unlimited webinars as part of SER Europe membership.

But who can better explain the reasons to become a member than the members themselves? And so, we asked several members to share their reasons for joining and being part of the SER Europe network – have a look at the videos below. A big thank you to those who contributed!

Meet SER Europe members:

🇩🇪 Germany | Vicky M. Temperton
🇷🇴 Romania | Cristian Tetelea
🇵🇹 Portugal | Carla Pinto Cruz
🇨🇭 Switzerland | Isabella Ostovary
🇳🇴 Norway | Dagmar Hagen
🇳🇱 The Netherlands | Stijn den Haan


What does the #500EERs campaign look like?

This is a quick overview of the #500EERs campaign. In short, SER Europe aims to grow its membership through three parallel campaign objectives, highlighted in yellow.


Existing SER Europe members invite a friend, colleague, or peer to join the community.

SER Europe reaches out directly to academics and practitioners in countries with few to no members.

SER Europe contacts professors and lecturers to reach students and young professionals in ecological restoration.



How can you contribute to the #500EERs campaign?

We are excited to hear your enthusiasm! SER Europe will run two campaign waves in spring and summer 2022. During both waves, both current and prospective members can support our three different campaign objectives.

Not yet a member?

Become a member as an individual, organisation or student association.


Already a member? This is how you can contribute:

Invite a friend, colleague or peer to join SER Europe, and gain extra benefits (see below).

Contact directly or suggest us your peers in other European countries, both academics and practitioners.

As a lecturer or supervisor, inform your students and staff of the #500EERs campaign, and encourage them to join at reduced rates.


The extra benefit of joining now

If you join as a new member between now and September 2022, you will be sent an invitation to participate in a virtual networking event, hosted by experienced members of SER Europe to welcome you to the community (see list below, in progress).

At this event, you can extend your network, create opportunities and ask questions to your host and other new members. As a student or young professional, you will additionally be offered suggestions for your future career path.

Members that helped a friend, colleague or peer to join SER Europe, can join the networking event. In this case, once you confirm that they registered as a new member, please fill in this form. Afterwards, you will receive a written invitation.

The following members of SER Europe – a big Thank You! to them – have agreed to be hosts of one or more virtual welcoming sessions. We are currently contacting additional hosts for the networking event and are updating this list regularly. If you would like to be a host, contact us.


Prof. Dr. Jordi Cortina-Segarra
SER Europe Chair, University of Alicante, Spain
Host 1
Prof. Dr. Vicky M. Temperton
Leuphana University, Germany
Host 2
Isabella Ostovary
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Host 3

Contact us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to Stijn den Haan, the membership associate of SER Europe.

Closing the gap of SER Europe membership towards 500 European Ecological Restorers – 500EERs is a campaign supported by SER International Partnership Fund Awards Grants.





Contents: Why #500EERs? | Why become a member? | What does the #500EERs campaign look like? | How can you contribute to the campaign? | The extra benefit of joining now | Contact us


Let’s restore Europe together.

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