SER Europe members | 10 March 2023
New members in 2022

An update on the campaign
After completing the 2022 campaign, SER Europe has grown from 300 members to more than 476 members, representing 32 European countries! We are delighted that more and more restoration professionals are joining our community to collaboratively learn and work towards the restoration of Europe’s ecosystems. We will refresh our membership campaign in 2023, focused on European organisations.

Although the active phase of our membership campaign has ended, we would love to have you onboard: join SER Europe. If you would like to get an idea of what SER Europe is and does, tune in to the upcoming webinars on the state of ecological restoration across Europe.

Boosting the restoration momentum

From Mediterranean ecosystems to Nordic rivers and from eastern peatlands to Atlantic seagrass meadows, the restoration of European ecosystems requires knowledge from a diverse group of people. SER Europe facilitates knowledge exchange across Europe to strengthen ecological restoration to benefit biodiversity, climate, and people.

As a fast-paced, growing network of academics, practitioners, and students, SER Europe advances the science, policy, and practice of ecological restoration. We are active on the EU policy level, participate in EU LIFE projects, and bring together hundreds of restoration professionals. By learning and working together, we enhance ecological restoration across Europe. That’s why we would love to have you onboard too!

Why become a member?

Imagine the exciting new networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities you will have within SER Europe’s network of over 400 European restoration professionals and over 4300 restoration professionals across the planet through SER. Become more up-to-date with the latest developments in restoration ecology by attending SER Europe and SER conferences at a reduced rate, gaining access to the Restoration Ecology journal and attending unlimited webinars as part of SER Europe membership.

But who can better explain the reasons for becoming a member than the members themselves? And so, we asked several members to share their reasons for joining and being part of the SER Europe network – have a look at the videos below. A big thank you to those who contributed!

Meet SER Europe members:

🇩🇪 Germany | Vicky M. Temperton
🇷🇴 Romania | Cristian Tetelea
🇵🇹 Portugal | Carla Pinto Cruz
🇨🇭 Switzerland | Isabella Ostovary
🇳🇴 Norway | Dagmar Hagen
🇳🇱 The Netherlands | Stijn den Haan

Contact us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Closing the gap of SER Europe membership towards 500 European Ecological Restorers – 500EERs is a campaign supported by the Society for Ecological Restoration Partnership Fund.

Let’s restore Europe together.