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10.5.2022 – The survey is under preparation and will soon be relased by all partners. Focus Groups are being organised.

12.5.2022 – The first Focus Group activity organized by the University of South Bohemia took place 10 May in Prague, Czech Republic. A group of people dealing with ecological restoration in the Czech Republic discussed the necessity and need for its integration into vocational education and training. More information here.

TRAIN#ER overview: How do we identify Training needs in Ecological Restoration?

TRAIN#ER aims to achieve a shared model for vocational training needs in Ecological Restoration (ER), based on a common analysis of knowledge production and use in the participating countries and a final joint definition of recommendations.

Implemented by a consortium of 8 organizations, TRAIN#ER will identify knowledge from educators and users, detect gaps in knowledge production and transfer, and contribute to designing effective vocational training programs that integrate the specificities of the different socio-ecological systems, scientific and technical skills, including language, inclusion and cultural barriers.

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The Survey

A survey will be conducted, addressed to a wide range of organisations in the ER sector, to capture their trainning needs, bringing a wide, diverse and inclusive scope of their training and education needs. The survey results will benefit the whole professional sector of ecological restoration: academy, students and young professionals, public and private sectors.

The Focus Groups

Focus Groups will be meetings to discuss the current ER training framework, its strengths and weaknesses, challenges, and options for action. Targeted to a wide spectrum of stakeholders in ER, Focus Groups aim to obtain precise and specific opinions and recommendations in ER training, and will contribute to the community of practice and the project outcomes

The Community of Practice

A workshop will be held to identify the current available offer of ER training at differentscales. A community of practice (CoP) in ER will be designed and outlined for future implementation. A CoP is a group of people who “share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly”.

As a result, the CoP will help identify training opportunities and build  partnerships between people involved in training programs in RE.


Final Outputs and Results

The expected outputs and results of the project are:

  1. Identified needs on training in ecological restoration in the private and public sectors. Specific training needs and inclusion of people with fewer opportunities in the ecological restoration sector will be considered
  2. Outline of a common model of training in restoration ecology
  3. A report summarizing the results of the Knowledge Exchange workshop
  4. Summary of the results and recommendations on training needs in ecological restoration into a manuscript for a scientific paper
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