SER Europe Knowledge Base on Ecological Restoration in Europe

Due to cyber security issues, the knowledge base is currently offline in anticipation of a lasting solution. June 2021.

One of the aims of SER Europe is to disseminate knowledge on ecological restoration in Europe to practitioners, policymakers, stakeholders and scientists. With our Knowledge Base, we want to provide a web-based tool for the restoration community to share knowledge, best practice experience, exciting case studies, etc. Our Knowledge Base is officially registered with an International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 2295-5704. All SER Europe Knowledge Base content is available for web search engines, providing maximal online visibility of your work. Additionally, we offer our search menu to consult solely the SER Europe Knowledge Base.

After clicking here or on the title above, you will find a menu to search our Knowledge Base for any keyword, such as habitat or vegetation type, habitat code under the European Habitat Directive, species name, degradation source, restoration measure or technique, author, country and so on. You can search whole documents or particular parts of documents (such as title, author, abstract, keywords, and main content body).

Most of the information is provided by short papers (max. four pages), produced as proceedings of the SER Europe Conferences, and made available here in pdf format for a broader audience. The individual authors are responsible for the content of their contributions. When consulting our Knowledge Base, please remember that conclusions or results for one area or case cannot always be translated automatically to other areas without further investigation or expert confirmation. Our tool can provide you with the coordinates of experts in your country or suggestions for further reading.

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Please refer to contributions in the SER Europe Knowledge Base as follows:
  • For extended abstracts of SER Europe Conferences (example):

Author (2010). Title. Extended abstract 7th European Conference on Ecological Restoration, Avignon, France. SER Europe Knowledge Base (, 4pp. ISSN2295-5704

  • For all other contributions (example):

Author (2010). Title. SER Europe Knowledge Base (, 4pp. ISSN2295-5704