SER Europe Projects

Involved in 8 European projects as of February 2024

Since 2020, and in the context of SERE Strategy 2027, we have started to engage in European projects, always in collaboration and partnership with other organisations. The aim is to contribute to developing ecological restoration in Europe, which will enlarge the capacity and influence of SERE.
To access the summary of the projects we are involved in, click on their factsheets. Some projects have a dedicated page in the menu of this section.
SER Europe members who are thinking of submitting a proposal for an EU-funded project or other funder are encouraged to contact SERE and evaluate possible means of participation and collaboration. It is SERE policy to ensure fair access to all members, individuals and organisations. Contact us at to discuss project ideas.

TEAM#UP knowledge on ecological restoration to maximise benefits for nature and people (2023-2027) –

REDRESS SERE factsheet (2024-2028) –

CLIMAREST SERE factsheet (2022-2025) –

LIFE BCR – Bio-Diver-Cité (2022-2027) –  SERE Factsheet – Project website here 

WoodMeadow LIFE  (2022-2026) – SERE factsheet Main project website

HORIZON ALFAWETLANDS (2022-2026) – SERE factsheet Main project website

TRAIN#ER-TRAIniNg needs in Ecological Restoration (2022-2023 – completed) – SERE factsheet Main project website

Mediterranean Forest Restoration Certification Pilot (Audemars – Watkins) (2021-2023) – SERE factsheet