This call closed on Sunday, 07 January, at 17 pm CET.

Dive into an exciting opportunity with SER Europe! 🌊! We are looking for a freelance contractor to perform the duties of a Marine Restoration Project Officer (MRPO) to develop the marine restoration capacity and competence of SERE as a dynamic, developing and challenge-oriented organisation.

The MRPO will work closely with the SERE Programme Officer (PO) and report to the Chief Operating Officer (COO). This key role contributes to developing marine restoration capacity and competence at SERE in line with the Strategy for 2021-2027.  The MRPO will be directly responsible for SERE’s participation in two Horizon Europe projects, support establishing a SERE Marine Restoration Working Group and contribute to other relevant activities of the organisation.

  • The CLIMAREST project (2022-2025) – Coastal Climate Resilience and Marine Restoration Tools for the Arctic Atlantic basin – main goal is to integrate multiple expertise into a holistic approach, to develop a toolbox designed to establish guidelines for ecosystem restoration and to enhance climate resilience in coastal communities.
  • The REDRESS project (2024-2028) (Restoration of Deep-Sea habitats to rebuild European Seas) will demonstrate the feasibility, sustainability, and value of deep-sea ecosystem restoration and provide public authorities with solutions to plan and upscale restoration operations.

Read the full job description here: Call_for_Candidates _SERE_Marine_Restoration_Project_Officer

Are you ready to ride the tide of innovation and conservation? Send your CV of 3 pages maximum  (can annex other references if needed) and a simple video of 3-4 minutes to explain what makes you a strong candidate for this job (can be recorded with a mobile camera; we will evaluate your talk, not the video quality).

Send the application to ref MRPO-2024 plus your LAST NAME and FIRST NAME; videos can be sent via any cloud tool.

Apply before  7 January 2024, at 5 pm CET!