Last February 22, SERE co-organised the first of two webinars on “Boosting Ecological Restoration in Urbanized Areas”. The online event, led by renowned institutions ETH Zurich and Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, featured insightful discussions led by experts Valentin Klaus from ETH Zurich and Sandra Dullau and Henny Grewe from Anhalt University and captivated the attention of almost 100 participants from various backgrounds. You can watch it here: Webinar Recording.

The webinar delved into the critical topic of ecological restoration within urban environments, shedding light on the importance of enhancing biodiversity and ecological quality in cities. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with the speakers, posing questions that spanned practical implementation strategies for restoration actions to methods for fostering public acceptance of natural green spaces within urban landscapes.

The public raised questions about the practical aspects of restoration initiatives, such as the establishment of biodiverse urban grasslands, as well as inquiries into strategies for framing urban restoration as sustainable investments to enhance ecosystem services for urban populations.

Valentin Klaus, one of the co-organisers and speaker, underscored the significance of urban ecological restoration. He emphasised, “Urban ecological restoration is timely and relevant because if we do it right, both nature and people will benefit. Thus, to achieve sustainable cities, efforts to secure and enhance the ecological quality of urban green is inevitable.”

When asked about his motivation for participating in such webinars, Klaus expressed his passion for sharing experiences and inspiring the implementation of urban ecological restoration initiatives. He remarked, “The motivation for the webinar series is to share experiences and stimulate the implementation of urban ecological restoration in cities. It’s amazing to be part of this movement.”

The webinar concluded with a call to action for increased collaboration and concerted efforts towards ecological restoration in urbanised areas, highlighting the potential benefits for both ecosystems and human communities.

For those who missed the event or want to watch it again, the recording can be accessed through the following link: Webinar Recording.