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Europe on the path to the first Nature Restoration Law globally

A long awaited moment arrived this June 22 with the presentation by EU Vice-president Frans Timmermans and Environment Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevicius of the proposal for an EU Nature Restoration Law (NRL). This will be a legally binding regulation for all Member States, not a directive but a regulation of direct application when approved. SER Europe […]Read More
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Nature Correspondance: EU Nature Restoration Law needs ambitious and binding targets

Today’s (Volume 601 Issue 7892, 13 January 2022) issue of Nature published a correspondence by SER Europe representatives Kris Decleer, Jordi Cortina-Segarra and Aveliina Helm to bring attention to SERE Declaration. The letter states that EU Nature Restoration Law needs ambitious and binding targets: EU Nature Restoration Law needs binding and ambitious targets Initiatives by […]Read More
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Press Release: 1329 scientists and experts + 30 networks and associations in support of SERE Declaration for an Ambitious EU Nature Restoration Law

Today 10 of December SER Europe, together with an supporting organisations and individuals announce the strong support received towards the Declaration for an Ambitious EU Restoration Law. Read the press release. Visit the updated Declaration page. Watch the Video-statement by Jordi Cortina-Segarra, SER Europe Chair. [vimeo url=”https://vimeo.com/655050282″]  Read More
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SERE participates on new publication: “Handbooks to Improve the Birds and Habitats Directives Implementation”

SERE has been part of the team producing two new handbooks on Evidence‐based Improvements in the Birds and Habitats Directives Implementation (E-BIND) commissioned by the European Parliament. The handbooks focus on Guidance for improving the availability of data and information on species, habitats and sites (Focus area A) and Scientific support for successful implementation of […]Read More