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Achieving the European Green Deal through Landscape Restoration: Policy Recommendations for the European Commission

SER Europe has engaged with Commonland the Landscape Finance Lab, as well as 18 other contributors, in a policy briefing offering guidance to EU institutions and Member States on why and how to leverage holistic landscape restoration to substantially, effectively, and efficiently deliver the European Green Deal (EGD). This is the joint news release on the […]Read More
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Europe on the path to the first Nature Restoration Law globally

A long awaited moment arrived this June 22 with the presentation by EU Vice-president Frans Timmermans and Environment Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevicius of the proposal for an EU Nature Restoration Law (NRL). This will be a legally binding regulation for all Member States, not a directive but a regulation of direct application when approved. SER Europe […]Read More
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Nature Correspondance: EU Nature Restoration Law needs ambitious and binding targets

Today’s (Volume 601 Issue 7892, 13 January 2022) issue of Nature published a correspondence by SER Europe representatives Kris Decleer, Jordi Cortina-Segarra and Aveliina Helm to bring attention to SERE Declaration. The letter states that EU Nature Restoration Law needs ambitious and binding targets: EU Nature Restoration Law needs binding and ambitious targets Initiatives by […]Read More
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SERE at the European Commission meeting on Impact Assessment of EU binding Ecological Restoration targets towards 2030

This first stakeholder workshop happened in parallel to the currently public consultation on Ecological restoration Targets open up to April 5th 2021. SERE was represented in this first workshop by Jordi Cortina (Chair) and Kris Decleer (Board member). Future stakeholder meetings will be dedicated to definitions, engagement, financing and implementation of directives, with no fixed […]Read More
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Our contribution to the EU nature restoration targets

SERE has submitted a feedback position document on the “Protecting biodiversity: nature restoration targets under EU biodiversity strategy” Roadmap on the open consultation period. Partner organisations, EFIB, CIREF, REVER, REAEET and SPECO have jointly signed the document with SERE. This consultation is on the framework of the new EU Bidioversity Strategy 2030, and towards the […]Read More
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SER-Europe opposes large-scale logging of the primeval forest of Białowieża in Poland for the sake of ‘ecological restoration’

SER-Europe opposes large-scale logging of the primeval forest of Białowieża in Poland and has sent an open letter to the Polish Prime Minister, Ms Beata Szydło, and the  Minister of Environment, Prof Jan Szyszko, condemning their recent actions allowing for large-scale logging in the Białowieża Forest. SER-Europe appeals the authorities to immediately stop logging operations […]Read More