In an open letter published on 29 May SERE joins science associations and networks across Europe in criticising European decision-makers for a series of decisions that undermine the EU’s environmental agenda and international obligations, resulting in an overall attack on the Green Deal, on nature, and the future of EU citizens.

Triggered by political pressure and short-sighted interests, the EU Commission, Parliament, and Council of Ministers have taken some highly damaging decisions recently. The backtrack on the environmental commitments and targets set by the Green Deal has raised significant alarm among scientists. These decisions include the rejection of the Sustainable Use Regulation (SUR), the weakening of environmental standards in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), delays in approving the Nature Restoration Law (NRL), proposed exemptions in the Nitrate Directive, and the shelving of the Framework for Sustainable Food Systems (FSFS). These actions undermine scientific evidence and threaten the progress we’ve made towards a sustainable future.

Download our letter:
Scientists response on EU Rollback of the Green Deal 29.5

SERE raises a collective voice of protest and calls on our members to:

  • Demand their political representatives for a clear and ambitious environmental protection agenda in the pre-and post-election period.
  • Request that politicians and decision-makers consult with scientists to ensure policies are based on accurate information.
  • Urge policymakers to reverse harmful changes within the CAP.
  • Call for the urgent approval of the NRL to address the biodiversity crisis and enhance resilience to climate change.
  • Oppose any further dilution of essential environmental regulations.