17 June 2024 – Luxembourg

The Society for Ecological Restoration Europe (SERE) welcomes the final adoption of the EU Nature Restoration Law (NRL) by the European Council. The final vote by the EU Member States made a huge step forward in addressing the urgent need to reverse biodiversity loss and restore degraded ecosystems. The new Regulation will facilitate the implementation of large-scale restoration efforts, creating substantial employment opportunities and fostering sustainable economic growth across the continent. Moreover, by enhancing ecosystem services such as water purification, flood regulation, and carbon sequestration, NRL will contribute to climate resilience and the well-being of European citizens, especially our rural communities. Ecological restoration approaches will be instrumental in our response to natural disasters, such as flooding and wildfires. They are not only cost-effective and smart, but also inclusive to societal actors. They open opportunities to work together with farmers, fishers, hunters and forest owners willing to manage the resources sustainably for the benefit of all.

SERE duly acknowledges the European Commission and national policy-makers dedicated to the welfare of their citizens, and the numerous sectors that championed the approval of this transformative law. SERE remains committed to supporting these efforts through scientific research, setting standards and best practices, and collaboration with stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of the law.

For more information, please visit our repository of NRL analyses and follow our ongoing updates on X.