SER Europe Policy Liaision Kris Decleer has been an active participant at the two day high-level Conference for the 30 Anniversay of the Natura 2000 network, held in Strasbourg on February 24-25, on behalf of the EU French Presidency. The Declaration Scientists in Support for an Ambitious European Nature Restoration Law, together with the recent paper on Barriers to Ecological Restoration in Europe (image below, bottom left, 33 reasons (not) to fail) was screened at the main hall of the European Parliament. In the final declaration of the EU Environment Ministers SER Europe called for mobilising and increasing scientific support (point 10 of the Declaration text), and a number of recommendations on ecological restoration emerged from the debates at the event (image below, bottom right).
According to the official conference note, The declaration signed by the ministers in Strasbourg attests to the political commitment of the EU Member States. It underscores the European Union’s strong action in the fight to protect biodiversity as well as its capacity to take action, with the establishment of the largest network of protected areas coordinated by the States on a continental scale: the Natura 2000 network.
Full text of the Strasbourg Declaration in English, French and German.