In the open selection process held earlier this year SER Europe presented candidature to become member of the EU Biodiversity Platform (EUBP), the new advising body to the Commission on the implementation of EU biodiversity policy, with an updated membership and mandate in line with the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030.
SERE is one of 41 stakeholders selected as members of the EUBP, which include 15 environment focused stakeholders. SER Europe, together with Eurosite, has been selected in the category of Professional Organisations, thus with a technical expertise status.
SERE will be represented at the EUBP by Dr. Kris Decleer, Treasurer and Liaison to EU Institutions. After the introductory meeting of the EUBP, this May subgroups are being selected on different specific topics, and SERE will be represented in some by Kris Decleer himself (pollinators, Birds and Habitats Directives (Nature Directives) (NADEG), Reporting in Nature Directives). At the specialised group on Marine Issues under the Nature Directives (MEG), SERE will be represented by expert members on marine restoration Dr. Roberto Danovaro, Dr. Cristina Gambi and Dr. Simonetta Fraschetti.