Until Monday, September 18th at 13:00 pm! Funding opportunity for marine ecosystem restoration, up to 100K! The HE EU-funded project CLIMAREST is looking for five replication sites among a group of countries* as associated regions to participate in the CLIMAREST project. The grant each associated region can apply for is up to €100.000. Associated regions are understood as “areas with similar ecosystems (e.g. neighbouring regions and/or regions in a different river basin) and/or less-developed regions, to build capacity to implement the innovative solutions”. These replication sites will be actively involved in the project during the demonstration period between 2024-2025, and after to showcase the feasibility of the solutions and prepare for implementation and scale-up of the tested tools and technologies in their area. Read all the background information, get the guide for applicants and the application access to the platform here: https://climarest-replication-site-oc.fundingbox.com/. The application process is really uncomplicated!
CLIMAREST runs from December 2022 until November 2025. It comprises 18 partners across 7 countries, and it’s coordinated by SINTEF Ocean (Norway). SERE is part of this consortium, supporting dissemination actions, networking and stock-taking. CLIMAREST is exploring the potential of restoration actions in five coastal areas (demonstration sites) on an Arctic-Atlantic scale, from Svalbard in the high Arctic to Madeira in the North Atlantic. The project focuses on five fragile and vulnerable habitats; seagrass meadows, Arctic oligotrophic coastal areas, shallow water rocky bottoms, oyster reefs, and soft bed benthic habitats.
 *Belgium, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Latvia, Lituania, Malta, The Netherlands, Slovenia and Sweden.