We at SER-Europe strongly believe in the essential role of democratic debate in shaping our regulations. It is imperative that laws are built upon credible, transparent, and robust legal foundations. Upholding the integrity of the democratic discourse often requires the intervention of our legal experts from the SER Legal Working Group to counter unfounded attacks and false assertions propagated in the public space.

Regrettably, in recent months, the quality of the political debate surrounding the Nature Restoration Law proposal has been tarnished by the influence of lobby groups, prioritising vested economic interests over scientific evidence. Prominent politicians and lobbyists have deliberately spread disinformation to undermine the legislative process. Nonetheless, SER-Europe’s legal experts have remained vigilant, swiftly responding to these spurious assaults on the proposal by pinpointing legal errors and inaccuracies.

Just recently, the Legal Working Group thoroughly analysed and refuted the letter distributed by Copa*Cogeca on 26 June, which called for MEPs to reject the law. With diligent efforts, our lawyers have consistently and systematically addressed the myths and misinformation circulating on social media. We firmly believe that laws must be grounded in irrefutable facts and defensible reasoning to ensure legal certainty for businesses and citizens.

Read and download the SER-Europe response here: Legal assessment of Copa*Cogeca objections