The Declaration Sicentists in support for an ambitious European Nature Restoration Law was agreed as a main output of SERE2021 Conference, held on-line and coordinated from Alicante University, earlier this September.
The Declaration is now gaining momentum with 780 subscribers (as of 1.10.2021) and the support of several institutions and organisations. SER Europe continues its commitment to reach a high support, over a 1000 subscribers, by the end of October, when the Declaration will be prepared to be presented to the European Union Institutions.
We count on your signature of the Declaration, and we ask for your support in reaching a wider audience: you can send invitations to ecological societies, scientific societies, restoration networks, forester’s, pasture and grassland societies, eco-engineering and landscape architects societies, and major research institutes. Contact them with a common circular and plan to send a reminder targeted at leaders of these organizations after a few days.
Now it is the time to Declaration! Let’s Declare the importance of Ecological Restration in EU legislation.