NEW: WIKI tool for river restoration in Europe.

An interactive source of information on river restoration schemes from around Europe assembled by the RESTORE partnership.

Policy makers, river restoration practitioners and other stakeholders now have a new online tool at their disposal, providing them with hundreds of river restoration case studies. The  River WIKI database holds over 300 river restoration case studies from 24 countries in Europe and is found on

This interactive system is a Wikipedia for river restoration projects. It allows users to build a knowledge base by adding their own case studies and sharing information and experiences. Anyone with an interest in river restoration can now make use of a growing number of case studies to discover the breadth or restoration activity across Europe. With this tool policy makers, river basin managers, practitioners and experts will be empowered to further develop the skills and best practices to restore rivers and create sustainable river environments.

Case studies include narrative summaries and a wealth of information such as project costs, measures undertaken, monitoring, results achieved and images, pin-pointed to coordinates on a map. Users can search for case studies selecting a variety of criteria, including the name of a river, country, distance from a specific location, or pertinent themes such as: economic aspects, fisheries, flood risk management, hydropower, hydromorphology, land use management, social benefits, spatial planning and water quality. A map of case studies allows users to quickly view the location and browse by project name.