The TEAM#UP project announces the official launch of its website,

TEAM#UP is a four-year venture on June 15, 2023, and extends until June 14, 2027. It is designed to be a beacon for sharing knowledge, tools, training, and resources for ecological restoration across diverse communities. TEAM#UP’s ultimate vision is to become the reference point and hub for mainstreaming restoration activities within Vocational Education and Training (VET) to schools, universities, and relevant stakeholders. Doing so aims to facilitate a seamless transition towards a greener and more climate-resilient society. will share information about the latest developments and milestones achieved by the project and will provide regular updates on its activities,  sharing its impact on ecological restoration. Also, news about upcoming events, webinars, and workshops that offer opportunities to enhance skills, learn from experts, and engage in meaningful discussions about restoration and sustainability.

Users will access a wealth of resources, including research, tools, and training materials that will empower different stakeholders to make a difference in their local community or institution through the Open Educational Resources space. TEAM#UP is committed to sharing the know-how needed to drive sustainable change.

TEAM#UP will celebrate its partners’ achievements and success stories, showcasing how ecological restoration can drive positive change locally and globally.

The project and its partners invite all interested communities to explore, engage with its content, and actively participate in the TEAM#UP community. 

Let’s make ecological restoration a reality in our communities.