SER Global recently announced the recipients of the 2021 Partnership Fund grant awards. This annual competitive grant program established in October 2018, is funded by a portion of membership dues across most membership types and awards grants to chapters and thematic sections for member-driven programs that fulfill SER’s mission of advancing the science, practice, and policy of ecological restoration.
The partnership fund provides support for outreach and leadership development through SER Chapters. SER recognizes the relationship between members and chapters and the importance of the personal interaction to build long-lasting relationships. With this second year of awards, the Partnership Fund has become an important tool to build capacity at the chapter level. I hope that we will support all chapters with the support they need in the coming years and continue to build our global community of ecological restoration practitioners.” – Rolf Gersonde, Chapter Relations Committee Chair
Closing the gap of SER Europe membership towards 500 European Ecological Restorers
SER Europe has received a $5000 USD towards the goal of growing its membership close to 500 members by September 2022, through three different campaigns: 1) Seeding SER-E will focus on recruiting members in Central and Eastern European and Scandinavian countries; 2) YOUNG#ER seeks to motivate students and young professionals to become members by offering mentorship opportunities and rewarding networking activities; and 3) 1+1 harnesses the power of peer-to-peer networking by encouraging current members to invite their colleagues to become members via virtual networking cafes. Partnership grant funds will be used to hire a member recruitment intern, develop promotional videos and membership recruitment social media campaigns, and host a variety of networking events. Towards 500 European Ecological Restorers will not only allow SERE to gain new members, but will also help engage and reinvigorate its current membership and elevate SERE’s voice and impact on the European stage.
Amidst the global moment for ecological restoration, Europe must amplify its contribution and lead by example. The SER Partnership Fund grant is critical to helping SERE increase its membership base and capacity during this key period.” – Jordi Pietx, SER Europe Program Manager
The campaign is due to start in January 2022 and SERE members have already been asked to engage in different ways to 500EERs.
Would you like to be the first new SERE member in 2022?