The Future of Urban Natural Area Land Management

Green spaces in cities are under increasing pressures. Climate change, increasing development, pollution, and other human-induced impacts are creating challenges to managing the plants and animals in urban natural areas. Also, frameworks of ecological restoration are interfacing with concepts of resilience, health, and complex adaptive systems. Creativity and innovation are needed to help guide the future management of urban greenspaces, with the need to include more narratives and more discussions. This talk is a discussion of current trends, combined with approaches that I think will improve the resilience of urban natural areas.

Toby Query, City of Portland Ecologist and host of our upcoming webinar.

Trends to embrace include using a transdisciplinary approach, valuing processes over species assemblages, providing climate refugia, indigenous and people of color-led projects, declining chemical use, listening before action, and valuing the interdependence of nature. Tools to navigate the future include scenario planning, community science, monitoring, and active adaptive management. Land managers must continually adapt methods and incorporate diverse ways of knowing to meet the challenges of the future. Presented by Toby Query, City of Portland ecologist.
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When: Wednesday, July 10 2019 12:00 PM PDT
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