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Cascadia Restoration Management and News is the SER Northwest Chapter’s quarterly e-newsletter. The content of the newsletter focuses on the practice of restoration within the Cascadia bioregion and includes feature articles, short news briefs, product announcements, notices of events, job openings, and citations/abstracts of recently published research. Join SERNW to start receiving your copy of Cascadia Restoration Management and News.

Excerpt from the Current Issue: Winter 2019

Dear SERNW Member,

On a rare sunny January day, I had the chance to learn about the ecological restoration of Seattle’s Union Bay at Lake Washington. Standing on top of this large historic landfill on the lake shore, we looked at a patchwork of restoration experiments, student projects, mitigation, and self-organized wetlands. Around us, joggers, bird watchers, dog walkers, and the UW athletic running department were enjoying the warm sunny weather. This undulating wetland landscape was truly a mosaic of different approaches to restoration, some more successful than others. What stood out to us was that none of the approaches dominated the scene, no one’s values seemed to dominate the ecological restoration agenda in this created semi-natural landscape.

This same question: “Whose values are we restoring for?” frequently surfaced at our recent regional conference in Spokane, which was themed around restoring resilient communities and featured contributions from Northwest Indian Tribes on traditional ecological knowledge. It seems that our cultural values can be strong drivers for ecological restoration, but they can also, at times, stand in the way of making restoration projects successful. Where multiple cultural values exist, we may have to weigh recreation, resource management, ecosystem restoration, or conservation. In some cases we might weigh ecological function against conservation of rare species or cultural use of plant and animal communities. This may be especially true in places that lack an identified ecosystem reference model.

Such discussions make participation in chapter conferences, symposia, and pub talks a worthwhile time spent with your restoration colleagues. We invite you to join this conversation either by participating in local events, online webinars, or contributing to our newsletter and restoration highlights. You can find recent presentations at our conference website and past webinars in the SER archives. Or, join our upcoming restoration symposium to discuss restoration beyond the reference system. You will find more information about these events in this newsletter below and at our chapter website.

I look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events.

Happy New Year!

Rolf Gersonde
SERNW Board President

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