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Cascadia Restoration Management and News is the SER Northwest Chapter’s quarterly e-newsletter. The content of the newsletter focuses on the practice of restoration within the Cascadia bioregion and includes feature articles, short news briefs, product announcements, notices of events, job openings, and citations/abstracts of recently published research. Join SERNW to start receiving your copy of Cascadia Restoration Management and News.

Excerpts from the Current Issue:

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Upper Spotted Dog Creek Beaver Habitat Restoration Project

Collaboration between Geum Environmental Consulting, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and Montana Natural Resource Damage Program

“Spotted Dog Creek flows through the Spotted Dog Wildlife Management Area (WMA) near Avon, Montana. The stream was identified as a priority area for creating, enhancing, and protecting wetland and riparian areas by the State of Montana. Spotted Dog Creek on the WMA has also been identified by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks as an important area for beaver habitat enhancement and beaver population expansion. The Spotted Dog Creek channel and floodplain were historically degraded by a legacy of livestock grazing, irrigation diversion, riparian vegetation clearing, beaver trapping, and fluxes in predator and prey populations. These factors resulted in channel incision and a loss of connectivity between the channel and the floodplain.  Prior to ecosystem alteration, the large depositional valley bottoms along Spotted Dog Creek supported large colonies of beavers.”

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