The SER Northwest Chapter Board created committees to address certain needs of the chapter.  All board members take on one or two committees in addition to their regular duties on the Executive Board or as Sub-Regional Representative.

Input and help from our membership is valuable to us!  If you have some time please consider volunteering. If you are interested in volunteering for committee work, review the list and descriptions below and send us an email to get involved. If you see a gap you would like to fill by heading up a new committee let us know. We’ll help you get started.


The Board Development Committee is chaired by the Executive Vice-President. The Board Development Committee is responsible for finding, selecting and nominating individuals to fill board positions. Any SERNW member can run for a board position, but the committee also recruits potential board members to run when we have vacancies. The committee looks to recruit people with skill sets that complement the current board make-up or with abilities relevant to specific positions. In addition to recruiting and assembling a slate, the Board Development Committee runs the annual SERNW Board elections.


The Program Committee is chaired by the Program Vice-President. The Program Committee plans and executes SERNW programs, events and mid-conference year workshops. The Program Committee strives to put on one-day training events about every six months. Our successful Design to Dirt Series has been very popular and we hope to keep producing more. The Program Committee also establishes a Conference Committee with our conference partners for the biennial SERNW Regional Conference. The SERNW Conference is our pinnacle event. Every two years we strive to bring the best restoration professionals together for 3 days or more of continuing education, training and networking. The Conference Committee sets the conference theme; proposes the event budget; oversees operations including venue, audio/visual needs, food and beverage service, and volunteers; and recruits speakers and presenters. The Program Committee works with the Conference Committee to provide workshop opportunities at our conferences.


The Strategic Communications Committee is chaired by a Board Member assigned by the President. The Strategic Communications Committee is chartered with the responsibility to ensure that our chapter maintains good communication with our members, makes sure that our membership stays engaged, and seeks ways to grow the membership base. The Strategic Communications Committee is composed of the subcommittees of Website, Restoration Highlights, and is responsible for producing Cascadia Restoration News, the chapter newsletter.



The Grants Committee is chaired by a Board Member assigned by the President, and includes the Chapter Treasurer. The Grants Committee oversees granting requests and develops scholarship opportunities, according to our Grant Guidance document as developed by the Committee. SERNW seeks to maintain an annual student scholarship opportunity to help with development of future restoration scientists and practitioners.


The Restoration Highlights Committee is chaired by a Board Member assigned by the President, and is a subcommittee of the Strategic Communications Committee. The Restoration Highlights Committee manages the restoration case study feature on our website, which involves recruiting, reviewing and accepting submissions, as well as preparing the articles for website posting. We hope that these publications will benefit our members by increasing awareness of the many restoration activities being conducted throughout our region, and that our members will use Restoration Highlights as a vehicle for sharing and showcasing their own work.


The Awards Committee is established to provide recognition for outstanding individuals, teams, or projects making a significant contribution to restoration in the Northwest region. Nominations can be made to the Awards committee at any time throughout the year, and will be decided by the committee by December 31st of each year. See the awards here.