Environmental Governance: Three Approaches to Make a Change

Sunil Murlidhar Shastri

Hosted by SER Northwest and featuring Sunil Murlidhar Shastri, consultant, expert and speaker in ocean and environmental governance.
The talk centers on three practical approaches Sunil has adopted throughout much of his career to deal with the contemporary environmental issues that confound us. The central message is how each one of us can be that agent of change to make a difference. After discussing briefly governance and the need for change and the management of it, he introduces his seven pillars of environmental governance and discusses each one briefly. These form the basis of his international lecture circuit which he markets as a MasterClass delivered in ‘3 minutes to 30 hours’ (and everything in between)! Most of us are slaves to or loyal to our own disciplines and so be it. The beauty here is that you could look at your pillar as the key or central pillar and the others as mere supports. The key message then is that each one of us can contribute to the strengthening of at least one pillar or indeed adopt one as their pet pillar. In Sunil’s case, it may well be Education and Awareness. He then talks of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs as a gratuitous excuse to talk about his second passion: ‘0.7’. This is about the ignoble and unfulfilled yet voluntary commitment of Overseas Development Assistance at the UN General Assembly in 1970 made by the OECD countries to Third World countries. This may raise the question: does aid work? From recent developments, Sunil recognizes the need for a third approach, the necessity of social mobilization in achieving worthwhile goals: in his case, and as he hails from India, these focus on ways in which problems in India could be addressed. While much of what he talks about derives from his experience, he hopes that there is a universal relevance to these approaches that he proposes.
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When: Mon, Oct 21, 2019 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT
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