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Dear SERNW Member,

Earth Day 2019 came and went – another opportunity to consider our role on Planet Earth and engage in restorative activities. In the Snoqualmie Valley, it was a blustery spring day, clouds and sun. I had the opportunity to plant Garry oak with local highschool students, aka The Green Team, and the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe at Kimball Creek, a local project site that gives students the opportunity to learn about ecological restoration, biology, community engagement, and collaboration. What makes Earth Day special is that it brings together practitioners with local community to join in the effort. Parents bring their kids of all ages to get their hands dirty and join in the ” did not know it would be so much fun” activities, creating a long-lasting impression and maybe the next generation of enthusiastic restoration practitioners. That said, engaging in restorative activities is not foreign to younger students at all, as they learn that we live in a time of rapid environmental change and what benefits we derive from our natural environment. Thank you to all practitioners and educators who have made this Earth Day a learning opportunity for all of us.

Rolf Gersonde
SERNW Board President