SER NW Chapter Awards 2020 for Special Edition Newsletter


Each year, SERNW recognizes outstanding individuals and efforts in restoration throughout our Cascadia Bioregion which includes Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Alaska and Northern California.  The Chapter gives out three awards each year – Restoration Project of the Year, Restorationist of the year, and a Special Award based on a theme determined by the board of directions each year.  For 2020, the theme for the Special Award was “In the Business of Restoration” and aimed to recognize those businesses or organizations contributing to ecological restoration in the Cascadia bioregion through production or innovation of products used in ecological restoration.



To be awarded to a public, private, non-profit- owned and/or sponsored/implemented restoration project, or a collaboratively-owned and/or implemented restoration project making a significant contribution to restoration in the Cascadia bioregion.

Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation – Meacham Creek Restoration 

SERNW recognizes the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR) and TetraTech for their work restoring floodplain processes and enhancing aquatic habitat throughout the Meacham Creek watershed.  The CTUIR approach fisheries restoration in a first foods context that utilizes traditional ecological and cultural knowledge and science to inform management goals and actions.  Using this approach, the CTUIR have actively been restoring ecological processes to the Meacham Creek watershed since the 1980s and recently invested in three large-scale floodplain restoration projects with the overall objectives to provide opportunities for recovery of geomorphic, hydrologic, riparian, and in-stream processes based on historic and reference conditions.  These floodplain restoration projects have already proven to buffer high summer water temperatures, store flood water in the floodplain in the spring to augment summer low flow, enhance aquatic habitat in Meacham Creek, and increase native riparian vegetation throughout the floodplain.  To learn more about restoration efforts by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation visit

(Photos provided by CTUIR and TetraTech)


For recognition of individual efforts to promote ecosystem health, integrity and sustainability through ecological restoration. 

Lorene Lynn – Soil Scientist/Restoration Ecologist – Red Mountain Consulting 

SERNW presented the Restorationist of the Year Award in 2020 to Lorene Lynn for her great drive and initiative in establishing herself as a member of the Alaska community of restoration practitioners and her development of several very interesting and creative projects in the last few years.  Lorene is recognized for her efforts to build the Heritage Tundra Garden in Barrow, Alaska, emphasizing community involvement, and her precedent-setting efforts to rehabilitate tundra and wetland ecosystems, including a first-of-its kind ecological restoration of an exploratory gas well pad within the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.  Lorene is a Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner and the owner of Red Mountain Consulting (RMC), based in Palmer, Alaska.  To learn more about Lynn’s work you can visit or

(Photos provided by Lorene Lynn)



To be awarded to a person, team or project representing a restoration theme or focus of restoration science and practice chosen annually by the Board of Directors.   For 2020, the theme for the Special Award was “In the Business of Restoration” and aimed to recognize those businesses or organizations contributing to ecological restoration in the Cascadia bioregion through production or innovation of products used in ecological restoration.

Fourth Corner Nurseries – Bellingham, Washington 

SERNW presented the 2020 Special Award to Fourth Corner Nurseries located in Bellingham, Washington.  Fourth Corner has been a premier provider of native plants for ecological restoration projects in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years.  They are a wholesale grower of native plants from the western region of North America, specializing in bare root trees and shrubs, wetland species, perennials, and bulbs. Their core focus is on the preservation of genetic diversity within the now roughly 500 species they routinely propagate and grow, which has made them a foundation for many mitigation and restoration projects helping to restore and preserve native species and habitats throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Todd Jones, Fourth Corner Nurseries Owner, and Richard Haard, mycologist and Fourth Corner Nurseries propagation manager (retired), pioneered much of this work and  deserve to be recognized by SERNW for their contributions to restoration in the Pacific Northwest.

Those that have used Fourth Corner Nurseries know they can trust the quality, seed source, and appreciate the indexing of lots that ensures success in our local habitats while preserving our native genetic seed pools.  Their unique bare root approach ensures that symbiotic mycorrhizal associations are already present on the plant when delivered.  In many ways, the work of restorationists across the region would not be possible without private suppliers like Fourth Corner Nursery and their commitment to ecologically-based standards sets them apart in their work and makes them deserving of this special award.  To learn more about Fourth Corner Nurseries you can visit

(Photos provided by Fourth Corner Nurseries)


Nominations for 2021 Awards are open!! Nominations can be made to the committee any time throughout the year,  and are presented at our Annual Chapter meeting. We welcome your nomination! Nominations require a letter of support (or detailed email) documenting the nominee’s contribution’s in the field of ecosystem restoration. Please e-mail your nominations to the Awards Committee Chair, Amy Sacry at or