Here’s a segment of our Summer 2018 Northwest Chapter Newsletter. Become a member for access to the newsletter service.

Dear SERNW Member,

I would like to start our summer newsletter by thanking all of you who have participated in our recent election to the SERNW Board of Directors.

We installed new Board members in July, which is great: we have a busy schedule planning our regional conference in Spokane in October 2018; and we continue to bring continuing education to our members through workshops, symposia, and webinars. We also support our community with awards and grants.

What may be even more important, we have a good representation of the profession of ecological restoration in our chapter activities: representing business, government, non-profit organisations, academia, and students. Broad participation always brings fresh ideas and allows us to reflect the challenges each group faces and to respond as an inclusive organization. I am excited to welcome our new board members and look forward to work with Board and chapter members over the next year.

That said, one does not have to be a Board member to get involved in chapter activities. We welcome interested chapter members to help organize professional programs or coordinate with the Board to represent our organization. Our current conference committee is assembled from members of SER and SWS, giving everyone the opportunity to expand their professional network, and join volunteer forces to create a professional impactful regional conference.

Rolf Gersonde, SERNW Board President