Featured 2020 SER MWGL Annual Chapter Meeting Cancelled

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New Student Research Award Program

Applications due February 14! The Midwest Great Lakes SER Chapter has established a student research grant to support student research in ecological restoration. Grant information including requirements, guidelines for the application, deadline for submission, and award amount is here.  Application...Read More
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Thanks to our MWGL chapter members!

Hello everyone! Joe Di Misa your chapter membership chair here. Thanks to the following folks who recenly joined or renewed their membership in SER International and the MWGL Chapter! We love our members! Don’t forget-members get a discount at the...Read More
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501(c)3 Designation Received

Chapter Treasurer Jen Lyndall reports that the MWGL Chapter has officially been designated a 501(c)3 organization by the IRS. Thank you, Jen, Roger, Rocky and all who helped with the application and process. This follows our October 2012 incorporation as...Read More