Call for Macroinvertebrate Symposium Speakers at the 2020 SER-MGWL Annual Meeting in Lyndhurst, OH:

We are Tyler Shuman and Deanne Jensen, student researchers at Purdue University Fort Wayne and student members of the SER-MWGL chapter. As researchers, our primary focus has been on macroinvertebrate ecology. Having attended and presented at the previous years’ chapter meetings, we noticed a discernible lack of representation for macroinvertebrates. After sharing this observation with Vice President Mary Damm, we were asked to organize a symposium for the 2020 Chapter Meeting.

Our intent for this symposium is to foster professional dialogues regarding the consideration and utilization of macroinvertebrates in restoration projects. With their ubiquitous presence in affected landscapes, macroinvertebrates offer a diverse resource for improving and assessing habitat health. We are in search of speakers interested in presenting a 20-25-minute talk focusing on the general ecological importance of macroinvertebrates, whether terrestrial or aquatic, and/or their indispensable roles in effective restoration.

Please contact either Tyler or Deanne at with presentation proposals or any questions. Put “Macroinvertebrate symposium speakers” in the subject line.  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in March!

Deadline for workshop/symposium proposals is December 13, 2019–just a few days away.  For more information about symposium proposals chick here.