Student Oral Presentation Awards


Holthuijzen, Wieteke A.*1, Beth N. Flint2, Jonathan H. Plissner3, Kaylee J. Rosenberger 1, Coral A. Wolf3, and Holly P. Jones1. “Fly on the wall: monitoring ecological impacts of invasive house mice (Mus musculus) on Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge via arthropod diversity.” 1Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois. 2U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Honolulu, Hawaii. 3Island Conservation, Honolulu, Hawaii. Email:

Maria DeLandreau, Rebecca Montgomery, William Kiser, Tim Schlagenhaft, & Meredity Thomsen, University of Minnesota – St. Paul, University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse, and Audubon Minnesota – St. Paul, “Tree sapling responses to reed canary grass treatments across four floodplain sites in southeast Minnesota.”

Dan R. Gibson, Logan Rowe, Rufus Isaacs, and Douglas A. Landis, Michigan State University, “Integrating agriculture and prairie restoration: native wildflowers can support natural pest suppression.”

James Palus, The Ohio State University, “Environmental influences on canopy disturbance histories in mature oak-hickory forests in southeastern Ohio”

Elsa Anderson, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Evaluating low-input techniques for increading plant diversity in highly degraded sites”

Rebecca Tonietto, Northwestern University and Chicago Botanic Garden, “Bee community composition along a restoration chronosequence in the Chicago Wilderness region”

Malia Volke, South Dakota State University, “The emergence of reservoir deltas in the regulated Missouri River: Opportunities for cottonwood forest restoration”

Student Poster Presentation Awards


Ernst, Adrienne R.*1,2, Andrew L. Hipp3, Renata Poulton-Kamakura4, and Andrea Kramer1. “Going beyond richness: the effect of phylogenetic and functional diversity on invasion resistance.” 1Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, Illinois, 2Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, 3Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Illinois, 4University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.

Anna A. Peschel and Ruth G. Shaw, University of Minnesota – Falcon Heights, Minnesota, “Restoration in an era of climate change: how will adaptive evolution affect prairie conservation?”

Sean P. Wylie and Todd Aschenbach, Grand Valley State University, “Response of Pennsylvania sedge (Carex pensylvanica) to fire and herbicide treatments in a degraded sand prairie.”

Emma Oschrin and H.L. Reynolds, Indiana University Bloomington, “Co-occuing invasive plant species: how multiple invasion affect plant community dynamics”

2016, Undergrad:
Jonathon Hileman, Erika M. Holum, Elle M. LeClaire (presenters) with M. Bargy, J. Foster, J. Golan, B. Hibbard, S. Koll, D. McClanahan, A. Slater, S. Vance, S. Zuniga, and R. Mullen, Eureka College, Illinois, “Getting to the root of the problem: botany students turn activist to formulate policy in favor of native plants”

Robert Hevey, Northwestern University and Chicago Botanic Garden, “Ectomycorrhizal community recovery in a Quercus savanna following restoration from a Rhamnus cathartica invasion”

Nikol Ross, University of Minnesota, “Effectiveness of nitrate reduction in a constructed wetland receiving tile-drainage water from an agricultural field in along Elm Creek, a Blue Earth River tributary in south central, Minnesota”

Midwest Recipients of SER Awards

We at MWGL are proud of those individuals and projects from our region honored with Society for Ecological Restoration Awards, for special achievements advancing the science and practice of ecological restoration.

2011 JOHN RIEGER AWARD: Dr. Peter C. ‘Rocky’ Smiley Jr.

2009 GOLDEN TROWEL AWARD: Karen Rodriguez

2005 THEODORE M. SPERRY AWARD: William Mitsch

2001 COMMUNICATION AWARD: Paul H. Gobster and R. Bruce Hull

1995 THEODORE M. SPERRY AWARD: Joy Zedler (while in California)

1994 PROJECT FACILITATION AWARD:  University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum’s Wingra Oak Savanna Restoration Project, Molly Fifield-Murray

1994 MODEL PROJECT AWARD: University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum

1994 SERVICE AWARD: William Jordan

Floerkea proserpinacoides

Floerkea proserpinacoides (photo courtesy N. Aten)