Restoration Highlights

Restoration Highlights brings timely information about restoration activities and research in the Pacific Northwest to our members. These highlights are provided free of charge as a service to our members and the broader restoration community. Members are encouraged to showcase their work by submitting a Restoration Highlight in one of three categories:

  • Restoration Updates
  • Student Offerings
  • Case Study Summaries

Restoration Highlights can be submitted to For more information, refer to the publishing guidelines.



Restoration Highlight No. 1: Elwha Dam Removal
Aaron Clausen and Becky Brown, (Eastern Washington University)

Restoration Highlight No. 2 : Student Research at the SER World Conference
Eva Dettweiler-Robinson and Brooke Cassell (University of Washington)

Restoration Highlight No. 3 : Geomorphic Restoration for Steelhead Habitat
W. Barry Southerland (USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service)

Restoration Highlight No. 4: Restoring Shrub-steppe Habitat in Okanogan County
Jim Olsen and Richard Tveten (WDFW)

Restoration Highlight No. 5: Restoring Channel and Floodplain Formation Processes on the Tolt River
Brent Lackey

Restoration Highlight No. 6: Elwha Ecosystem Restoration Project
Joshua Chenoweth (NPS)

Restoration Highlight No. 7: Revealing the Forest:English Ivy Removal in the Willamette Valley
Jonathan Pope

Restoration Highlight No. 8: Revealing the Forest: UW-REN Project: Restoration in Crestwoods Park
Alyssa Branca, Daniel Preyapongpisan, Thomas Spencer, Mark Thompson, Alan Weber, and Christine Zarker Primomo

Restoration Highlight No. 9: Richmond Beach Saltwater Park Restoration
Tony Sharrah

Restoration Highlight No. 10: Ecological Burning for South Puget Sound Prairies and Oaks
Mason McKinley