Restoration Walks

SERNW’s Restoration Walks initiative aims to promote dialogue between practitioners and to introduce the public to notable restoration efforts that are occurring in their “backyard”. The inspiration for this effort comes from SER-BC through Val Schaefer’s successful walking program in Victoria.

The Restoration Walks vision includes:

  • Organizing short walks and hikes led by restoration practitioners and researchers
  • Promoting these walks within the larger community
  • Providing a graphic tri-fold brochure for each walk that will provide a record of each restoration site and encourage future self-led visits

There are many people working to restore natural habitats and ecosystem function in our cities and towns; often this work can go unnoticed. The Restoration Walks series provides a firsthand look at the progress that is underway. See below for the walks that we have hosted in the past.


  • April 12th – Bob Hansen at the Columbia Hills State Park | DETAILS | BROCHURE
  • May 10th – Thomas Kelly at Magnuson Park, Seattle | DETAILS | BROCHURE


  • Dyanne Sheldon at the Magnuson Park wetlands, Seattle | BROCHURE
  • Trevor Taylor at Coyote Prairie, Eugene | DETAILS | BROCHURE
  • Bob Hansen at the Columbia Hills State Park | DETAILS | BROCHURE
  • Mike Hagen at the Hoh River, Olympic Peninsula | DETAILS | BROCHURE
  • Kern Ewing at the Union Bay Natural Area, University of Washington campus | DETAILS | BROCHURE
  • Clay Antieau and David Hutchinson at Discovery Park | DETAILS | BROCHURE
  • Jim Corson at the Burke Gilman Trail at Sandpoint | DETAILS | BROCHURE
  • Ryan Durocher, Maggie Skenderian, Kevin Timmins at the Foster Floodplain in East Portland| DETAILS | BROCHURE
  • Peter Hummel at the Olympic Sculpture Park and downtown waterfront | DETAILS | BROCHURE
  • Chipper Maney at the Auburn wetland mitigation site for Sea-Tac airport’s third runway project | DETAILS | BROCHURE