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Beaver Lake (Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program Success Story)

Beaver Lake, located within Duck Mountain Provincial Park, has been managed for its recreational fishing potential by Swan Valley Sport Fishery Enhancement Inc. (SVSFE) since the late 1980s. One of the limiting factors in the lake’s recreational fisheries potential was inadequate amounts of spawning habitat for recently transferred juvenile and adult walleye. SVSFE developed and implemented the installation of walleye’s preferred habitat by creating spawning shoals of rocky substrate in Beaver Lake. In the winter of 2014, a team of volunteers installed over 400 cubic yards of rocky material creating 1,050 square metres of spawning habitat. SVSFE continues to monitor recruitment with small but positive increments of success. As the walleye population matures, fish utilizing the spawning shoals should increase, and in turn, should provide a sustainable walleye fishery for anglers to enjoy. SVSFE partnered with Manitoba Conservation Water Stewardship and Fisheries and Oceans Canada through the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program to complete this project.

Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Tufts Restoration Project

Stories_MB_Tufts.Option2The Tufts project involved the restoration of 34 wetlands on the 320-acre (129.5-hectare) half section owned by the Nataro family. It was called the Tufts Project, after Don Nataro’s grandfather Ed Tufts. This project was part of Duck Unlimited Canada’s (DUC) Revolving Land Conservation Program, where DUC purchases land, restores the wetlands and grasslands, then sells the land with a conservation easement. Proceeds from the sale provide DUC with funds to buy additional land and continue this revolving cycle of conservation. View the full story here.


Wildlife Habitat Canada Projects

Wildlife Habitat Canada has been involved in a number of restoration projects across Manitoba. Summaries of these projects are available on their website.