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Bow Valley (Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program Success Story)

Bow Valley, located near Calgary, Alberta, contains a series of cold, mountain-fed rivers that support many sought-after recreational fish such as Rainbow and Brown Trout. However, the absence of riparian vegetation along these banks has led to increased water temperatures and a reduction in water quality. The Bow Valley Habitat Development (BVHD) has been working to increase fish productivity of the Bow Valley for almost 30 years. With funding from the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program, the BVHD planted 14,600 native plants along 13.8 kilometres of stream bank in 2015. This brings the total to over 24,000 native species planted on 25 kilometers of stream bank. Water temperature and water quality will both improve over time as the native plants re-establish themselves along the banks, enhancing the habitat for trout and other recreational fish species. The BVHD continues to bring together many like-minded partners including volunteers from local businesses, schools and recreational groups to continue the restoration of recreational fish habitat through various projects.

Fleming Ranch (Nature Conservancy Canada Project)

reclamation-of-fleming-ranch-ncc-thumbFleming Ranch (originally named the Jarvie Property) is considered an ecologically significant grizzly bear corridor. NCC proposed a name change when the organization purchased the property from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, because the Fleming family were the original owners of the land.

The Fleming Ranch, as it is now called, is an important feature of NCC’s conservation efforts in Alberta. The 292-acre (118-hectare) Fleming Ranch is mostly open areas of grassland interspersed with trees. The Crowsnest River flows through the property, and is frequented by elk, deer, wolves, cougars, black bears and grizzly bears. It is located five kilometres from the town of Coleman.

This project primarily involved restoring native vegetation and controlling invasive species and helps maintain a grizzly bear habitat corridor.

Battle Lake

Battle CreekThis presentation outlines restoration of a former gas processing plant after contaminated soils were removed. The reclamation approach was to follow the natural succession trajectory and establish pioneering woody species, while avoiding the use of agronomic grass mixes. Surface roughening techniques were used for erosion control and to create microsites for vegetation establishment.


Elbow River

Elbow River BioengineeringThis presentation shows replacement of an old wooden retaining wall along the Elbow River in Calgary using bioengineering techniques.



Silvester Creek, Elbow River Watershed Partnership

Riparian Restoration Project on Sylvester Creek, Elbow River Watershed Fall 2014

Millenium Creek Restoration Project (Bow Valley Habitat Development Project)

In 2004, an initiative to restore a small spring creek located in the Town of Cochrane was undertaken. With the help from area business, both corporate and small, along with The Town of Cochrane and interested NGO’s, this small spring creek was brought back to life. The program took four years to complete. A new, narrow – deep channel was created, the volume of flow was increased in the main channel and a fish habitat enhancement program was carried out to provide a living environment for trout. To achieve a positive and long term benefit to our natural stream resources and the aquatic environment that they provide, projects like the Millennium Creek Project are a good investment in our future. For more information on this project, click here.

Wildlife Habitat Canada Projects

Wildlife Habitat Canada has been involved in a number of restoration projects in Alberta. Summaries of these projects are available on their website.