SER Headquarters Publications


SER-WC Publications

SER-WC publishes materials of interest to restorationists both within Western Canada, and in other areas. Current publications are:


Ecological Restoration in Southeastern BC: From Grasslands to Mountaintops

Proceedings of the 2007 SER-BC conference, held in Cranbrook, and co-sponsored by the Columbia Mountain Institute of Applied Ecology (CMIAE). The conference focussed on grassland and forested ecosystems in south-eastern British Columbia. Publication Date: 2007 Editor Jackie Morris Funding: SER-BC and CMIAE


Restoration in the Rainshadow

Proceedings of the 2005 SER-BC conference, held on Galiano Island, and co-sponsored by the Galiano Conservancy Association. The conference focussed on the restoration of the rainshadow ecosystems of the east coast of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Publication Date: 2005 Editor: Robert Seaton Funding: SER-BC


Ecosystem at Risk : Antelope Brush Restoration

The 2003 SER-BC conference took place in the Okanagan Valley, cosponsored by The Desert Centre, and focussed on the Antelope Brush ecosystem. Papers presented dealt with the status of the ecosystem throughout its range in both BC and the USA, as well as with restoration efforts in British Columbia. Publication Date : 2003. Editor: Robert Seaton. Funding: SER-BC


Integrating Ecosystem Restoration into Forest Management: Practical Examples for Foresters

This booklet explores the restoration issues and opportunities in managed forests in British Columbia. Using practical examples of recent work done by foresters working throughout B.C., the booklet covers techniques ranging from fungal inoculation to create wildlife trees, to variable density spacing for habitat improvement. The booklet also highlights the critical restoration issues in high priority ecosystems in B.C. The discussion of methods and issues has application to forest management and restoration outside of B.C. Publication Date: 2003. Author: Tanis Douglas. Funding: Terrestrial Ecosystem Restoration Program of British Columbia.


Garry Oak Ecosystem Restoration

The 2002 SERBC conference focussed on the status of the Garry Oak ecosystem in British Columbia, and current state of the art in restoring that ecosystem. The proceedings are currently only available in hard copy. Publication Date: 2002. Editor: Phil Burton. Funding: SER-BC