At our recent Fall Forum & AGM in Saskatoon, Myra Juckers and SER-WC Director Katherine Stewart, shared insights on strategies to control Potentilla recta (sulphur cinquefoil), an invasive species that is degrading the rangelands of BC’s East Kootenay region.

The presentation, titled Potentilla recta invasion of rangelands in East Kootenay, British Columbia:
Examining best management practices, examined targeted goat grazing (grazing once vs grazing twice per season), herbicide application (single application of Milestone), and seeding of native rangeland plants (with and without fertilizer addition) over two full growing seasons (2019 and 2020), as management strategies to control P. recta on two sites near Cranbrook, BC.

Preliminary results indicate targeted goat grazing conducted twice per season leads to the greatest reduction in biomass and number of flowering stems and seed heads of P. recta compared with other management practices. This suggests goats are affecting P. recta growth and reproduction, particularly under a higher grazing frequency. Continued monitoring of these management strategies, as well as greenhouse trials to examine mechanisms of invasion, will provide important information for future P. recta management.

See the full presentation here.