Hello Members,


Between January and March, your Board members identified leads for a number of initiatives: Events (Cassandra Copp), Membership Development (Jason Weiler and Eric Balke), Business Development (Andy Owens) and Media (June Pretzer). Each lead has developed a work-plan with specific objectives and outcomes expected for this year to help provide focus in accomplishing more for the SER-WC membership.


These kinds of initiatives will pay off as we forge ahead with more professional development events and communications products, while ensuring the financial health of our organization. At our fall 2019 annual general meeting, we propose to amend the bylaws of SER-WC to formally recognize these leads as formal Board positions before we vote in new Board members. Keep those positions in mind if you would like to help.


In March, the Pacific Northwest Chapter of SER invited our Western Canada Chapter to jointly organize a conference for February 2021, likely in Oregon. An inaugural organizing committee meeting was held on April 4, 2019, to identify interested persons, likely locations and venues, and next steps. Any of our members interested in joining to help organize the event please contact us to express your interest. Normally, volunteers and organizers pay a reduced rate for registration, so there are benefits to jumping on the bandwagon and helping shape things to come.


Finally, Dr. Nicolas Mansuy from the Canadian Forest Service in Edmonton is seeking input from our membership into a research project about the industry related to caribou habitat reclamation and restoration. Your help in the research may involve structured interviews, questionnaires, or providing information and data to help Dr. Mansuy. He hopes to identify the scope of this particular economy, strengths and gaps in the industry, and recommend ways to help fill those gaps and improve the efficiency and effectiveness with which caribou habitat restoration is practiced in boreal and subalpine forest habitats. You can contact him directly if you wish to participate: nicolas.mansuy@canada.ca.


Your Chair,
Darcy Henderson