2017 Annual Chapter Meeting: Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Ninth Annual Chapter Meeting of the Midwest-Great Lakes Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan from March 24 to March 26, 2017. This year’s meeting theme is Assembling the Restoration Community.


We are grateful for the generous support of our meeting hosts – the Department of Biology at Grand Valley State University and our sponsors – Atwell, Cardno, Davey Resource Group, Environmental Consulting & Technology Inc., Ernst Conservation Seeds, GEI Consultants Inc., Illinois Native Plant Society, Michigan Chapter –The Nature Conservancy, MycoBloom, Native Connections, Prairie Moon Nursery, Stantec, University of Michigan School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Northern Iowa Tallgrass Prairie Center, Wildtype LTD.
New: 2017 Meeting Program (3.7M) – Schedule, speakers, field trips – all the information you need.
New: 2017 Abstract Book (3.4M) – Abstracts for all presentations and posters.

Registration is Open! We encourage everyone to register by March 19, 2017 to get discounted registration rates. Register online. If you have questions or need help, please email us. Onsite registration begins at 9:30 am on Friday March 24, 2017. More information on onsite registration is available in the 2017 Meeting Program (3.7M).

Keynote Speaker – Our keynote speaker is Evan Weiher (University of Wisconsin-Eu Claire), “Community Assembly Theory May Help Inform Both Ecological Restoration and Assembling the Restoration Community”. Dr. Weiher is a recognized authority on community assembly theory and community ecology in general. Dr. Weiher’s presentation will describe the fundamentals of community assembly theory, provide examples of its application to ecological restoration, and its potential for developing teams for implementing ecological restoration projects.

Opening Plenary SessionDesigning Ecological Restoration Projects for Promoting Public Engagement. This plenary session will consist of landscape architects from Environmental Consulting & Technology (Patrick Judd), University of Michigan (Robert Grese), University of Wisconsin-Madison (John Harrington), and the U.S. Forest Service (Paul Gobster) who will share their perspectives on the importance of the design of ecological restoration projects for engaging the public and improving ecosystem integrity in the Midwestern United States.

Meeting Host Plenary SessionRestoration Research, Teaching, and Community Outreach at Grand Valley State University.  Presentations by Grand Valley State University faculty, past and present graduate students, and community partners will provide an overview of the research, teaching, and community outreach related to ecological restoration at Grand Valley State University.

Two Contributed Symposia1) Restoration Practices for Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake and 2) Ecological Restoration on Farm Land

Two Workshops1) Preparing for Professional Success in Ecological Restoration and 2) DNA Barcoding: Employing DNA sequences to Aid in Plant Identification.

Three Field Trips1) Coastal Wetlands and Dune Restoration Field Trip; 2) Ottawa County Park Dune and Riparian Restoration Field Trip; 3) West Michigan Oak Savannas: Protection, Restoration, and Research Field Trip.

61 Contributed Oral and Poster Presentations – Presenters from nine states (Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nebraska) and the District of Columbia will share their experiences involving prairie, forest, savanna, stream, wetland, and lake restoration.  Presentation topics include invasive species control, use of fire, evaluating restoration techniques, overviews of restoration designs, and more!

Lodging Options – Lodging options near the meeting site in Grand Rapids can be viewed here.


2016 Annual Chapter Meeting (photo: Jen Lyndall)

2016 Annual Chapter Meeting (photo: Jen Lyndall)

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