The Restoration Futures Lab at the University of Victoria, in coordination with the Conservation Decisions Lab at the University of British Columbia, is hiring a part-time research technician from September 2022 to the end of March 2023. They will be focused on the oak meadow communities that were nourished and maintained by thousands of years of stewardship by Coast Salish peoples. These ecosystems have been degraded by land use change, colonial removal of traditional practices, invasive species, and overgrazing. This position will be part of a larger project to explore the benefits of restoration actions regionally, and what practices bring the greatest improvements and where.

The technician will help gather existing data on plant communities in oak meadows. This will involve working with scientists, practitioners, and municipalities to source and standardize the data. In addition, they will help summarize what the data shows, which may include mapping species occurrence, assessing restoration outcomes, and tracking meadow health. It is likely to extend into the spring and summer, but transition at that point into a field technician position.

We are hiring for three days a week (22.5 hours) at $24/hr (plus benefits). To apply, send your resume and a cover letter to Nancy Shackelford ( by September 23rd at 5pm.