SER-SW is happy to host links to the presentations held at the Colorado Plateau Native Plant Program 2016 Annual Meeting.


Colorado Plateau Native Plant Program 2016 Annual Meeting


March 22-23, 2016

Courtyard Hotel at Lake Powell

Page, Arizona


CPNPP 2016 Annual Meeting Program

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Adrienne Pilmanis (for Peggy Olwell, BLM, National Plant Conservation Program Lead)

National Native Seed Strategy: Implementation and Partnerships


Steve Popovich, USFS

National Pollinator Strategy & USFS


Janna Simonsen, BLM Washington Office

The Minerals Seed Connection


Tren Hagman, Granite Seed

Current Issues Facing Native Seed Companies




Rico Galvan, BLM Idaho

BLM’s Seed Warehouse System


Ashley Camhi, Arizona State University

The Colorado Plateau Seed Market: A Shift Towards Natives?


Jason Vernon, UT Division of Wildlife Resources

Use of Specific Seed Sources for Restoring Rangelands in Utah


Tom Glass, High Mountain Nursery

The Right Seed in the Right Place Might be a Nursery


Aaron Kania, BLM Utah

The Not So Flowery Side Of Where Your Seeds Come From




Adrienne Pilmanis, CPNPP Coordinator, BLM Utah

Colorado Plateau Native Plant Program Update


Rachel Hosna, Great Basin Institute/ BLM Utah

The Benefits of Managing Seed Collection Data on a Regional Scale: Examples from the CPNPP


Lila Leatherman, University of Utah

Combining Species Distribution Models and Predicted Disturbance to Select Native Plant Species for Restoration Use


Nora Talkington, Chicago Botanic Garden

Using the Past to Inform Future Seed Sourcing in the Colorado Plateau


Kathy See, Uncompahgre Partnership

UP Overview & Update


Kelly Memmott, USFS Dixie/ Fishlake NF

Phase II – Native Grass Common Gardens with Treatments


Brandon Sanders, Upper CO. Environ. Plant Center

UCEPC Field Increase of Koeleria macrantha and Poa secunda


Kara Dohrenwend, Rim to Rim Restoration

Mayberry Native Plant Propagation Center: A Source for Land Managers in 2016 and Beyond


Kevin Gunnell, UT Division of Wildlife Resources

Native Plant Research and Activities at the Great Basin Research Center


Jack Staub, USDA-ARS

Evaluation of a Native Prairie Junegrass Collection from Eastern OR for use in the GB


Dave Hoover, USGS

Plasticity of Pleuraphis jamesii Across a Monsoon Gradient: A field trial study at CRC




Lori Makarick, NPS

Grand Canyon NP: Oh How Our Garden Has Grown …


Anna Schrenk, Friends of Verde River Greenway

Building a Restoration Economy in the Verde Valley with Native Plants


Melanie Gisler, Institute of Applied Ecology, SW

“Need for Seed” in NM and AZ Leads to New Native Plant Materials Program


Richard Strait, NRCS

Partnering with Historically Underserved Producers




Stan Young, Utah Crop Improvement Association

What You Seed Is What You Get


Nikki Grant-Hoffman, BLM Colorado

Seeding with Natives after Fire


Mary O’Brien, Grand Canyon Trust

A Case of Advocacy and Native Plants on the Colorado Plateau: Grand Canyon Trust


Danielle Bileyu-Johnston, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Manipulating Cheatgrass Seed Dispersal to Benefit Restoration


Kyle Doherty, Northern Arizona University

USGS apps – seed collection & selection tools




Brad Butterfield, Northern Arizona University

Prestoration: Using Species in Restoration That Will Persist Now and into the Future


Tom Whitham, Northern Arizona University

The Reality of Climate Change and the Need for Genetics Approaches in Restoration