2015 Annual Conference of the 

Society of Ecological Restoration –

Southwest Chapter


November 20-22, 2015

Reid Park Double Tree Hotel

Tucson, Arizona


SER-SW 2015 Annual Conference Program

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Plenary Sessions:

From Restoration to Resilience Ecology: Do We Need a New Paradigm?
Donald A. Falk


In Gratitude for Seeds: Growing a Restoration Economy

Steve Buckley


Planting the Seeds of Change

Caleb Pipes, Oscar Medina, Andy Bennett, Vicente Guerrero, and Brandon Landeros


Rural Arizona’s Youth Restoration Movement – the BECY Institute and Beyond

Caleb Weaver


The National Seed Strategy: The Right Seed in the Right Place at the Right Time

Peggy Olwell


Status of Danaus plexippus (monarch butterfly) in Arizona

Maps in this presentation were current at the time of the conference, but additional information collected subsequently would change them. Please contact the author if you would like additional details.

Gail Morris, C. Kline, and S. Morris.


No Pat Answers – Restoration in Novel Environments

Jonathan Horst



Concurrent Sessions:

Topic: Invasives

Tamarisk Beetle Expert Panel Report

Ben Bloodworth, Pat Shafroth, Anna Sher, Rebecca Manners, Dan Bean, Matt Johnson, and Osvel Hinojosa-Huerta


Case Study: Ravenna Grass Management on the Rio Grande

Chad Mckenna and Todd Caplan


Implementation of a Multi-Benefit, Multi-Jurisdictional Salt Cedar Management Plan for the El Rio Reach of the Gila River, Maricopa County, AZ

Jennifer Pokorski and Pat Ellison


From Buffelgrass Monoculture to Upland Saguaro/Ironwood/Palo Verde Landscape: The Waterman Restoration Project

John Scheuring and Ries Lindley


Buffelgrass Excludes Native Plants through Resource Competition rather than Allelopathy or Intensifying Consumption by Animals

Pacifica Sommers and Peter Chesson


Multi-benefit Floodplain Vegetation Management for the El Rio Reach of the Gila River, Maricopa County, AZ

Zooey Diggory, Glen Leverich, Bruce Orr, Pat Ellison, Doug Williams, Jennifer Pokorski


Predicting Treatment Windows for Invasive Buffelgrass in Southern Arizona using MODIS and Climate Data

Cynthia S.A. Wallace, Jessica J. Walker, Caroline Patrick-Birdwell, Jake F. Weltzin, Helen Raichle


Topic: Fire Effects: Restoration of Watersheds and Springs Workshop

Geomorphic Responses of Burned Watersheds in Arizona:  Floods, Debris Flows, and Long-term Recovery

Ann Youberg, Ph.D.


Forecasting Post-wildfire Flood Risk under Current Conditions and Future Scenarios: Examples from Saguaro National Park East

Jon D. Pelletier, Tyson L. Swetnam, and Perry Grissom


Three Years of Post-fire Land Treatment Effectiveness Monitoring of the 2013 Silver Fire, Gila National Forest

Michael Natharius


Sediment Reduction and Watershed Restoration in Response to 2010 Schultz Fire, Flagstaff, Arizona

Allen Haden


Watershed Restoration Pre and Post-fire in the Chiricahua Mountains

Carianne Campbell and Louise Misztal


Fire Effects on Tinajas and Frog Habitat at Saguaro National Park

Don Swann, Kara O’Brien, and Chuck Perger


Initial Response to Fire on Springs

Samantha Hammer, Louise Misztal, Carianne Campbell, and Christopher Morris


Response of Vegetation after Wildfire on the Warm Springs Natural Area in Moapa, Nevada

Von K. Winkel, Ph.D. and David J. Syzdek


Increasing Resilience and Creating Habitat Refugia at Springs in the Chiricauhua Mountains

Carianne Campbell and Louise Misztal


2002 Rodeo-Chediski Post-Wildfire Restoration Efforts

Daniel Pusher


Developing Guidance for Climate-informed Springs Ecosystem Restoration

Louise Misztal, Carianne Campbell, Larry Stevens, Jeri Ledbetter


Topic: Utilities, Plants, and Wildlife

TEP Panel: Working Together to Balance the Natural and Man Made Environment

Leslie Carpenter, Michael Clark, Cheryl Eamick, Christina Frazer, Robin Lewellyn


Native Plant Conservation on the Pinal Central to Tortolita 500kV Transmission Line Project

Leslie Carpenter and Diana Shiel


Did the Increase of Lehmann Lovegrass cause the Decline of Grassland Sparrows in the Sonoita Plains?

H. Ronald Pulliam, Matt Brown, Kelly Fleming, Randy Moore, and David Seibert


Critical Habitat Restoration on the Upper Gila River

Shawn Stone, J. Johnson, G. Leverich, R. More-Hla


A Comparison of Intraspecific Variation in Early Life History Characteristics of Native Colorado Plateau Forbs

Magdalena Eshleman and Andrea Kramer


How much is Enough: Lessons from Native Plant Restoration in support of Hummingbirds in Southern Arizona

Molly McCormick and Ron Pulliam


Developing Monitoring Protocols for Vegetation Response to Watershed Restoration; Preliminary Results from Southeastern Arizona

Natalie R. Wilson, Laura M. Norman, Miguel Villarreal, Steve Buckley, Joel Sankey, David Dean, Steve Delong, Whitney Henderson, Carianne Campbell, Kate Tirion, David Seibert and H. Ron Pulliam


Topic: Collaborative Watershed Restoration

Restoration of Cienegas and Headwater Tributaries of the Rio San Bernardino

David Hodges and Valer Austin Clark


Sky Island Restoration Cooperative (SIRC) – An Overview

Michele M. Girard and SIRC Members


House Pond Renovation at Brown Canyon Ranch: Promoting Partnerships and Improving Wetland Habitat

John Kraft


Restoration Work by Cuenca Los Ojos in the North Eastern State of Sonora México.

Jose Manuel Perez-Cantu


A Multidisciplinary Multi-method Approach to the Assessment of the Hydrologic and Geomorphological  Effects of Watershed Restoration

James Callegary, Laura Norman, and Stephen Wiele


The North-Central New Mexico Watershed Restoration Project

Cody L. Stropki and Dierdre L. Tarr


Cross-Watershed Network

Lindsay Murdoch


Topic: River Restoration – Flows

Response of Riparian Vegetation to Minute 319 Environmental Flow in the Colorado River Delta, Mexico.

Martha Gómez-Sapiens, Pat Shafroth, Erick Lundgren, Karl Flessa, and Edward P. Glenn


Restoration Treatments to Improve Vegetation Response to Environmental Flows in the Colorado River Delta

Karen J. Schlatter, Matthew R. Grabau, and Francisco Zamora-Arroyo


Restoring Flows on the Verde River, Arizona

Jeanmarie Haney and Kim Schonek


Take Back the Rain! Stream Dynamics & Urban Water Harvesting in Silver City, NM

Claire Catlett and Van Clothier


Electromagnetic Induction to Determine Soil Salinity Trends for Floodplain and Riparian Restoration

Matthew R. Grabau, Chad McKenna, Tzung-Mow Yao, and Karen J. Schlatter


Evaluating the Effect of Gabions on Vertical Water Flux in an Ephemeral Stream using Wildlife Cameras and Temperature Sensors

Chloe Fandel, James Callegary, Ty Ferre, Laura Norman, Christopher Scott


Stormwater Capture and Recharge to Enhance Riparian Habitat

Michael Milczarek, Cyrus Miller, Karen Riggs, Brooke Bushman, Robert Rice, Lindsey Bunting and Laurel Lacher


Topic: Wetland Restoration

Reflections on 30 Years of Restoration

Valer Austin Clark


Native Woody Riparian Restoration and Mapping Potential Beaver Habitat in New Mexico to Increase Wetland and Riparian Habitat
Jim Matison, Bryan Bird, and Kurt Menke


Wetland Sod: Living, Self-Repairing Riprap

Van Clothier


El Rio Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan

Doug Williams


Automated Soil Moisture and Surface Water Monitoring to Enhance Restoration Monitoring and Adaptive Management

Lindsey A. Bunting, Matthew R. Grabau, and Michael A. Milczarek


Topic: Rivers – Restoration and Monitoring

Improving River-Floodplain Connectivity on Regulated Rivers in the Southwestern United States: A Case Study from the Rio Grande, New Mexico.

Todd R. Caplan, Mark Stone, Colin Byrne, Chad McKenna, and Grace Haggerty


Bringing New Life to America’s Most-Endangered River – Trail Development Leads to Channel Restoration along the Santa Fe River

Robert M. Oberdorfer


Verde Watershed Restoration Coalition: Four Years of Applied Riparian Restoration

Anna Schrenk


Binational Collaboration for Restoration of the Colorado River Delta

Karen J. Schlatter, Francisco Zamora-Arroyo, Edith Santiago Serrano, Tomás Rivas Salcedo, and Matthew R. Grabau


Southwestern Riparian Habitat Restoration Effectiveness Monitoring

David C. Lightfoot