John Riley will be in Guelph on Wednesday January 14 providing a guest speaker presentation.
Chief Science Advisor to the Nature Conservancy of Canada and author of “The Once and Future Great Lakes Country”

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
at 11:30 am
Landscape Architecture building, Room 125

John L. Riley is chief science advisor, Nature Conservancy of Canada. He has had careers as a botanist, geologist, ecologist, and conservation professional with the Royal Ontario Museum, the Ontario Geological Survey, and Ontario Nature. He lives in Mono, Ontario. Riley’s talk will describe the history of environmental change in the Great Lakes basin, including massive declines in flora and fauna to recent increases in nature protection and re-wilding. His talk will introduce the audience to the diversity and uniqueness of the Great Lakes country and its many people from pre-contact to present. This environmental and cultural history will appeal to anyone who wants to design for the region’s landscapes in a well-informed way.