July 27, 2020


Since 2014 the SER Midwest-Great Lakes Chapter has maintained a blog titled Restoration News Midwest Blog. This blog serves as the newsletter for the SER MWGL Chapter and provides an opportunity for interested contributors to share information on any aspect of ecological restoration within the Midwest United States.

The SER Midwest-Great Lakes Chapter is seeking new blog post submissions for its blog as part of our new goal to provide new blog posts on a regular monthly schedule. We are interested in blog posts related to any aspect of ecological restoration in the Midwest and Great Lakes region. Potential topics include but are not limited to observations of ecological restoration sites and projects from your locale, recent research findings on the impacts of restoration practices, and thoughts on designing restoration projects. Submitted blog posts should not be time sensitive and are separate from announcements for upcoming events. Brief tables or figures of unpublished data analysis can be included but not required. You may also submit photos that can be directly inserted into the post and/or posted to the SER-MWGL Instagram photo posting page. Please limit the text of your blog post submissions to roughly 500 words.

Blog posts should be submitted via email to mwgl.ser@gmail.com with subject header “Blog Post Submission”. Submitted posts will be then be reviewed by the Chapter Communications Committee and contributors will be contacted about revisions.


SER MWGL Communications Committee

We are happy to consider all submitted content for Restoration News Midwest. Please submit any potential content to the blog editors at our email address mwgl.ser@gmail.com.