Like many – if not all of you – SER members today I received an email from our HQ in Washington reminding us that the March for Science is taking place in about 2 weeks -on April 22, 2017.   While the main march is in Washington D.C. it should be noted that there are well over 400 satellite marches planned as well.

What does that mean for those of us in the seven state SER Midwest Great Lakes Region? As of this writing, there are some 70 local marches planned in our states:

Illinois (8)  /  Indiana (5)  /  Iowa (7)  / Michigan (12)  

Minnesota (12)  /   Ohio (12)  / Wisconsin (12)


In the email from the SER, Marguerite Nutter suggested that the March for Science was an ideal opportunity to introduce the work we do to a larger audience.  What scientific skills do we apply in our day to day efforts in the service of nature, and in the service of our communities?

As restorationists, we are taking the best ideas and practices to restore and protect a whole constellation of plants and animals. As a discipline, we are on the front lines of any number of vexing environmental needs. As important as anything else, ours is the science of optimism, the science of improvement.

Restorationists walk the talk.

How many of us are here because we wanted to make a difference, and to see results from our efforts?  The March for Science is the time to share your energy and skill to the wider world. So, if you can on 4/22 find and join in a local march.

Hope to see you out there!