• [caption id="attachment_307" align="alignnone" width="300"] LERS members created this map for display at the NCER 2016 SER-LERS booth. Attendees placed push pins in the map, indicating locations of their restoration work.[/caption]
  • In memory of John Ogden-- Floridians seeking to understand the Sandhill Nebraska Crane Migration
  • First discussion on adaptive management between scientists and managers working on large-scale ecosystem restoration programs.
  • Sunrise in Juno Beach, Florida
  • Curacao

About Us

In Fall 2013, the SER Board of Directors approved its first ever Section.....the Large-scale Ecosystem Restoration Section (LERS). Sections are NOT geographically based like SER Chapters. Sections are SER members organized to focus on a particular interest. Sections will enable the best and brightest from across the globe to collaborate together to advance a specific ecosystem restoration topic. LERS will provide a forum for exchanging ideas, approaches, lessons learned, and data relevant to the planning, policy, science, and engineering of large-scale ecosystem restoration programs. Please join us!

LERS Mission

(1) Advance public education and enlightenment concerning large-scale ecosystem resources. (2) Provide a forum for an interchange of ideas, approaches, lessons learned, and data developed relevant to planning, policy, science, and engineering of large-scale ecosystem restoration.(3) Develop and encourage large-scale ecosystem restoration as a discipline by supporting student education, curriculum development, and research. (4) Encourage and evaluate the educational, scientific, engineering, and technological development and advancement of all branches of large-scale ecosystem restoration and practice.