Strategic Plan

Restored ephemeral wetland; ongoing (photo: N. Aten)

Restored ephemeral wetland; ongoing (photo: N. Aten)

Read our 5-Year Strategic Plan (approved by the Board in September 2013), and the Timeline (approved December 2013).

See the MWGL Member Survey Summary (June 2013) on which the 5-Year Strategic Plan was based.


Annual Chapter Reports to SER

Annual 2015 Chapter Report

Annual 2014 Chapter Report

Annual 2013 Chapter Report

Annual 2012 Chapter Report


Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes

In 2015 the Board of Directors began to post full meeting minutes in an effort to be transparent and keep our members informed.

2016 Board Minutes:

January 2016

February 2016

March 2016


2015 Board Minutes:

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November/December 2015

All 2014 Board Agendas
All 2013 Board Agendas
All 2012 Board Agendas

(earlier agendas/minutes not available)


Michigan Upper Peninsula, North Country Trail (photo courtesy Nancy Aten)