SER-WC would like to extend our congratulations to Brendon Eshom for his successful application for the 2021 Indigenous Student Scholarship!

Dedicated to cultural preservation, scientific inquiry, and sportsmanship, Brendan Eshom is a member of the Gitga’at (Hartley Bay) First Nation currently enrolled in the Faculty of Science at the University of British Columbia. His Combined Major program blends studies in environmental science, economics, and statistics. Passion for the protection of coastal ecosystems and sustainable cultivation practices is also reflected in Brendan’s work in cultural preservation. Since 2019, he has published a website, mobile apps, and social media channels that promote Sm’algyax, the traditional language of the Ts’msyen Nation of northwest BC. To date over 700 words, illustrated with images and pronunciation videos, have been documented and shared with a network of subscribers, He has frequently explored the confluence of language and culture through speeches and public presentations. Brendan’s competitive nature finds expression through team sports, particularly soccer and basketball, in which he achieved victory at successive provincial high school championships.