Listed Fall 2016

++Managing Cedar (Ash Juniper) – Short video from the Hill Country Land Trust narrated by range management specialist Steve Nelle.  (Part 2 in series).


Listed Summer 2016:

++Prickly Pear Management.  Short video from the Hill Country Land Trust featuring range management specialist Steve Nelle.  (Part 1 in series).


Listed Fall 2015:

++YouTube Documentary about the Loess Plateau in China entitled “Hope in a Changing Climate” by Dr. John D. Liu –

Dr. Steven Whisenant, Keynote Speaker at the TXSER 2015 Annual Conference in San Antonio referred to this experience in his presentation.


Listed Summer 2015:

++ CKWRI South Texas Natives Publications – This site includes many articles on restoration issues. –


++Global Restoration Network Toolkit – – Detailed information on all facets of volunteer-driven ecological restoration projects.


++TPWD Milkweed Identification Guide –


++Restoring Northern Bobwhite Habitat – A South Texas Example, by Timothy Fulbright et al.  Article courtesy of CKWRI and the Texas Landowners Magazine –


Listed Spring 2015: – Free online journal providing evidence to support decisions about nature and conservation management.


Listed Winter 2014-2015:

++Steve Nelle – Riparian Zone Educator, Retired from the Natural Resources Conservation Service

Your Remarkable Riparian – Blog, articles, news stories, guide books, digital modules and many other publications addressing issues of riparian zones.


Listed Fall 2014:

++Jill Nokes/Nokes Landscape Design

Blog and written resources by Jill Nokes, Landscape Designer, Native Plant Expert, Author, and Consultant.  Nokes’ blog is dedicated to sharing articles, information and ideas on ecological restoration projects and issues in Texas.


++The Roaming Ecologist – Searching for a Healthy Land Ethic and Learning from Nature

Blog written by Jameson Crumpler, restoration ecologist, nature writer and photographer.


Listed Spring 2014:

++ Rebuilding the Natural World:  A Shift in Ecological Restoration by Richard Conniff in Yale Environment 360 –

++ Zebra What?  – Article on Zebra Mussels written by H. A. (Joe) Pase III, Texas A&M Forest Service (Ret.) – Zebra What?


Listed Winter 2013-2014:

++ Texas Invasives Newsletter –


Listed Spring 2013:

++ “Land Management Tips for Small Ranches in Texas,” Society for Range Management, Spring, 2013 –  Click on the “Links” tab to download the document in PDF.

++ Texas Master Naturalists, Alamo Area Chapter, Monthly Newsletters –

++ Native Plant Society of Texas (NPSOT) Newsletter Archives –