Publications & Web Resources

To provide access to information and educational resources, SERO has made some of our publications free to download. Please consider making a donation if you find these free resources helpful. With your help SERO can continue to contribute to ecological restoration work in Ontario.


SERO Downloadable Publications

SERO 6th Ed. – Grower’s List Only, July 2011

SERO Growers Guidelines 2010

SERO Buyers Guidelines 2010



Preserving and Restoring Healthy Soil: Best Practices for Urban Construction (TRCA, 2012)

A Healthy Does of Green: A prescription for a healthy population (Trees Ontario, 2012)

Invasive Exotic Species Ranking for Southern Ontario (UFA, 2002)

Sustaining Biodiversity: A Strategic Plan for Managing Invasive Plants in Southern Ontario

Tallgrass Ontario Factsheets



Canadian Botanical Conservation Network

Emerald Ash Borer: A Toolkit for Canadian landowners and managers