Eagle Hill Institute  – Summer Field Courses 2016


Our 1-week-long field courses are taught in Steuben Maine and surrounding areas on the eastern coast Maine by experts from the US, Canada, and England. They include applied courses covering the assessment, management or repair of ecosystems while others focus on particular taxonomic groups. Course participants include graduate students, professional field biologists, university professors, and personnel from federal and state agencies, consulting firms, and numerous environmental organizations.


For our course calendar, go to eaglehill.us/seminars where titles are hot-linked to course descriptions and instructor biographies. This page also includes links to other pages: an overview of our program, application information and costs, etc. For more information, contact Marilyn Mayer:  marilyn@eaglehill.us  or  207-546-2821 x1.





June 19 – June 25

Species Identification and Assessment of NE Freshwater Fish Assemblages

David Halliwell


July 17 – July 23

Wetland ID, Delineation and Ecology

Matthew Schweisberg & Joe Homer


July 24 -­‐   July 30

Restoring Stream Processes: Field Applications

Steven Koenig


Aug 7 -­‐   Aug 13


The EPT Taxa (Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera & Trichoptera): Taxonomy & Stream   Biomonitoring

Steven Burian



July 3 -­‐   July 9

Sedges and Rushes: ID and Ecology

Anthony Reznicek


July 24 -­‐   July 30

Introduction to Maine Seaweeds: ID, Ecology & Ethnobotany

Jessica Muhlin & Nic Blouin


July 31 -­‐   Aug 6

The Rocky Coast: Ecology, Botany, and Pattern

Jerry Jenkins

Aug 14 -­‐   Aug 20

Taxonomy and Biology of Ferns and Lycophytes

Robbin Moran & Carl Taylor


Aug 14 -­‐   Aug 20

Coastal and Inland Forests of Maine: ID and Ecology of Trees & Shrubs

Eric Jones



June 10 -­‐   July 16

Native Bees as Pollinators: Diversity, Ecology, Conservation, & Habitat Enhancement

Alison Dibble, Frank Drummond, & Sara Bushmann


June 19 – June 25

Moths and Butterflies: ID, Specimen Preparation & Taxonomy

Hugh McGuinness & Bryan Pfeiffer


June 26 – July 2

Dragonflies and Damselflies: Field Techniques and Identification

Bryan Pfeiffer


July 17 -­‐   July 23

Beetles: Diversity, Identification & Natural History

Gary Hevel & Warren Steiner


Aug 21 -­‐   Aug 27

Field Methods for Studying Avian Migration

Adrienne Leppold & David Brinker


Aug 28 Sept 3

Marine Benthic Macroinvertebrates, Communities & Habitats

Stephen Hale & Sheldon Pratt


Sept 4 -­‐   Sept 10

Field Ornithology: Shorebirds and Seabirds of Downeast, Maine

Gene Wilhelm


Lichens & Fungi:

July 3 -­‐ July 9

Lichens and Lichen Ecology

David Richardson & Mark Seaward


July 10 -­‐ July 16

Crustose Lichen Identification

Irwin Brodo


Aug 7 – Aug 13

Slime Molds: Miniature Marvels of Nature

Steven Stephenson


Aug 21 – Aug 27

Polypores and other Wood-inhabiting Fungi

Thomas Volk